Day 6 - Walk up Jebel Lekst (2,359 m. = 7,902 ft)

The local mountain did not seem as high as that, but of course we started quite high. We had a very competent local guide who set a slow, steady pace, and we have plenty of rest stops. He was very good at making sure that we all stayed close enough together. The scencry was spectacular, and we saw quite a number of birds and flowers. The path was not difficult, though much of it had loose stones on it, so you had to look where you were going.

It was quite warm on the way up, but at the summit, one got the full blast of the wind, and some of us got quite cold during lunch It took about 2½ hours going up, and, to our surprise, the same amount of time coming down

When we got back we walked round the village to have a look at the olive press and the threshing floor. (The rest of the party who had not wanted to do the mountain, had been given a conducted tour of the village). In the evening, a local lady came in to give henna tattoos to those who wanted them, and this was followed by a magnificaent feast cooked by the drivers and Katie.


Major construction next door

We gradually left the village behind

First rest stop

Second rest stop

The path was stony most of the way

A shepherd's cave

with a splendid view for our third stop

Only tenacious plants survive

Sometimes we had a little scramble

The summit at last

A few plants

we missed on the way up

back at the village at last

and a visit to the olive press

and the threshing floor

The path down from the bedroom part of the village house..

to the kitchen and dining floor at the basement level

and a look at digging the septic tank for the mansion next door

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