Highlights of the trip

This page shows you a few images from each day of the trip. There is a link at the start of each day in case you would like to see more! You can click on some of the images, marked *** , if you want to see a larger version of the image

Day 2 - Our first Moroccan village

The vastness of the high Atlas ***

The elegance of the only surviving part of the Glaoua stronghold at Telouet ***

surviving while most of the rest decays

Good food ***

and kind hospitality

Day 3 - where to park your camel ***

The old town of Zagora

Silversmiths at work

and lots of tempting things to buy ***

Masses of pottery ***

...and a camel ride to round out the day ***

Day 4:           "boundless and bare,
the lone and level sands stretch far away"

but there is one bus a day, even out here!

There are afew genuine sand dunes, but not that many on the edge of the desert
and, marvel of marvels, a waterfall at teatime ***

Day 5: A teahouse in a remote village

where they gave us delicious refreshments

A short stop at the Igherm souk ***

where they had every home necessity

and then onto Tafroude ***

with its marvellous carpet shop ***

We walked up the mountain road with our luggage following us on the roof of the 4 x 4

to the mountain village of Tagoudiche ***

Day 6: 6 members of the group decided to climb the local mountain

which had many interesting plants

The walk was not difficult, but the track was stony most of the way ***

and there was a fantastic view from the top!

The others had a detailed tour of the village, including the olive press

and the threshing floor

Hilltop forts on the road to the coast ***

and goats trained to climb trees after argan nuts

to arrive in the fishing port of Essouaria

for a delicious fish lunch

followed by a visit to the fish market

a look around the little shipyards

a tour of the harbour

and a first look round the many excellent shops

Back at the harbour at dawn

with its beautiful boats ***

...and then back to the serious business

of shopping

or, mostly, just looking

then back on the road to Marrakesh

for more window-shopping

a walking tour of the city ***

and a visit to the excellent museum ***

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